The Power of a Song

    Recently I had the opportunity to sing for the residents at Jubilee House Memory Care. I've always loved singing oldies and hymns, so I never shy away from getting the opportunity to sing those songs to the generation that grew up with them. I have very fond memories from when I was little of singing and dancing in the kitchen with my Mom and Mimi. We would turn on Elvis', "Hound Dog" or "Copacabana" by Barry Manilow. I never realized as a little girl how sad that song is... Anyways, I've learned to appreciate all generations and genres of music because of my Mom and Mimi. 

    It's always a blessing for me to share those good, old songs with the people who've enjoyed them the most. It's amazing to me that people suffering from the awful disease of Alzheimer's can still remember every word of their favorite songs and be brought to tears by the memories connected to them. I can remember my great grandmother, Grams, despite not being able to remember what she ate for breakfast that morning, would listen to her favorite Elvis songs and remember every word to them. And something similar happened as I sang for these sweet people. 

    One particular instance filled my heart with joy as I sang for the residents at Jubilee House. Ms. Willie, who has been a soprano singer throughout her life, was lost in the music. She could recall every lyric of "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" and was harmonizing perfectly. She continued to do this with every hymn that we sang and became more and more confident as the music went on. Music truly does have power! 

    When I feel discouraged, or wonder why I do what I do, it's moments like these that encourage me. I know that music is a gift and the benefits of sharing are worth it! "When words fail, music speaks," Shakespeare.

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